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Natural High’s Award-Winning content features free Common Core-aligned curriculum to engage students in critical dialogues about the importance of making positive life choices and avoiding drug and alcohol abuse. We’ve curated 9 storyteller videos from our library of celebrity influencers, and 9 student activities to help your students build a strong foundation for prevention. Our program is evidence-based and makes use of current, scientific findings on youth behavior, brain development, social norming, and substance abuse prevention. And, it’s always free!

Our Distance Learning Playlist includes

Nine Natural High Storytellers:

  • Tony Hawk
  • Bethany Hamilton
  • Matt Bellace, PhD
  • Dartanyon Crockett
    US Judo Champion
  • Danyelle Wolf
    World Champion Boxer
  • Don Brown
    NFL Football Player
  • Kelly Slater
    Kelly Slater
  • Cassadee Pope
  • Switchfoot
    Grammy Award-Winning Band

9 Natural High Activities to Get Kids Excited About Prevention:

Vaping Quiz
There is a lot of information about vaping accessible to us and it’s helpful to separate fact from fiction. Take the quiz to test your knowledge and then consider how you can say no to vaping and hold yourself accountable.

Advice Blog
Decision-making can be tricky when we feel peer pressure or are in an awkward situation. You can create an advice column to help you practice thinking through what you might do in different situations. Have fun and be creative—and consider how this can help you when you find yourself facing your next decision.

Landing Your Trick
In the Natural High videos, we see celebrities enjoying their natural highs. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine the hard work that goes into the success the celebrities have achieved. This activity is designed to help you think through a long-term goal and how to achieve it.

Busting Myths
Create a short video to present the myth that most teens use drugs. Then “bust” that myth with statistics about actual teen drug usage and the real consequences of drug use.

Strategies To Manage Stress
Everyone experiences stress, and sometimes we face stress that feels unsurmountable. Stress can be a trigger for drug use. Drugs can sometimes make us feel less stress in the moment, and it can be tempting to relieve the stress through chemicals. But drugs are not a long-term or safe coping mechanism. We have our own instinctive coping strategies and can learn new ones. The idea behind this activity is to actively develop a list of effective strategies and set yourself up to practice them so they become second nature.

Develop My Support Team
Everyone needs someone in their lives who they can count on and who can help them make healthy, happy, and rewarding decisions. This activity is designed to help you think through who makes up the team of people that can support you. We encourage you to contact your support team to solidify your connection and demonstrate your appreciation.

Using Models To Understand Consequences
In the Natural High videos we see strong role models who encourage us to make good choices, to live healthy lives, and to enjoy success on our own terms. In order to fully understand choices, it’s important to see what happens when people make poor choices. And know that making a bad choice does not make you a bad person but do often have consequences that can hurt you and others. Celebrities are major influencers and thus become models, whether we like it or not, and we can learn from examples.

Find Your Grit Score
The Grit Survey was created by Angela Duckworth, a psychologist at the University of Pennsylvania. The survey asks 12 questions to estimate how much grit, or resilience, you show. Take the survey and then reflect on your score.

Drug IQ Challenge & Natural High Pledge
Take the National Drug & Alcohol IQ Challenge and generate a list of resources for yourself and others. Signing the Natural High pledge and including your parent or guardian can help you keep yourself accountable to making good decisions.

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13 Iis the avg age of first-time drug use

13 is the average age of
first-time drug and
alcohol use.

9 out of 10
addictions start in
the teen years.

There is no national programming
in schools to teach youth about
drug and alcohol abuse.

How Natural High Works

We believe in the power of storytelling to transform lives.

We engage storytellers who kids admire and trust and work with these influencers to create free and impactful content for educators and parents.

Our evidence-based program is used in all 50 states and makes use of current scientific findings on youth behavior, brain development, social norming, and substance abuse prevention.

Real Results


of educators report a change in their student’s perception about drugs and alcohol after going through the Natural High  program.


of youth participating in the program reported that having a natural high will help fight the temptation to use drugs or alcohol.


There are 43,000 educators in Natural High’s network across the U.S. and growing.

40+ We’ve recruited over 40 celebrity storytellers who tell powerful stories of transformation.

80,000 80,000 people have directly pledged to live naturally high.

Millions Millions of lives transformed. Still lots of work to do. That’s why we need your support