RRW 2022 – Grades 4-12

  • Step 1 Watch A Natural High Video
  • Step 2 Discuss Together As A Group
  • Step 3 Go Deeper Through Fun Activities
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The playlist includes:

Matt Bellace, Ph.D (about Vaping),

Matt Bellace, Ph.D (about Vaping)

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Some suggested questions to ask after you watch the video:

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Question #1:

What did you know about the Master Settlement Agreement before this video? What do you know now?

Question #2:

What kinds of comparisons can you draw between vaping and smoking cigarettes?

Question #3:

What about vaping might be appealing to kids and teens?

Question #4:

Matt suggests that vaping offers an immediate physical response which can be perceived as stress relief. What makes it dangerous?

Question #5:

What physical strategies do you use for relieving stress?

Question #6

What do you think Matt means when he suggests you take the attitude of “you’re not experimenting on me?”