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Some suggested questions to ask after you watch the video:

Question #1:

Why was Terry so confused by the diversity of people involved in skating? How did being with a diverse group impact him? Do you prefer to be with people like you or people unlike you? Explain.

Question #2:

How did going to the skate park every day help Terry?

Question #3:

How do you think experiencing the pain that his mom went through affected his decision to not engage with drugs and alcohol?

Question #4:

Terry says that when he’s skating he’s representing his skate friends and that if he were to take drugs, that would reflect on them. In essence, part of what keeps him off drugs is his dedication to his friends. Are there people in your life that you represent? Who are they? How do your actions reflect on them? Does this impact your decisions?
Terry offers three pieces of advice:
● Surround yourself with positive people.
● Be comfortable with yourself.
● Have fun.

Question #5:

Do you surround yourself with positive people? How can you make an effort to do this more?

Question #6:

Are you comfortable with yourself? What is one step you can take to be more comfortable with yourself?

Question #7:

What is fun for you? Does something you do that is fun provide what you would call a natural high for you?

Terry Kennedy – Pro Skateboarder

Terry Kennedy | 6min 02sec

Professional skateboarder, rapper, and reality star television star, Terry Kennedy finds his natural high in Skateboarding! From an early age he enjoyed support and inspiration in the diverse skateboarding community and says that the sport kept him out of trouble and brought him to a new world.

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