Fentanyl is killing kids

Last year 100K+ people died from drug overdoses driven by fentanyl, and the
fastest growing group is under 19.

Don’t let it be your kid.

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Awareness is the first step.

Every kid needs to have a discussion with a caring adult about
the dangers of experimenting with substances.

Whether you’re a parent or an educator, you can have the right conversation
to potentially save a kid’s life. The Natural High Fentanyl Toolkit below has
everything you need to protect kids from the dangers of fentanyl.

Natural High Fentanyl Toolkit

Step 1

Watch this 6-minute film with teens.
Some content in this film may not be appropriate for kids under 11.

Watch Now

Step 2

Ask these 4 questions

Click for questions

Step 3

Share this with everyone you know

It’s more than watching a short film.
Ongoing conversations help teens make healthy choices.

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Natural High is a substance abuse prevention nonprofit that inspires and empowers youth to find their natural high and develop the skills and courage to live life well.

Our evidence-backed program is used in all 50 states and makes use of current scientific findings on youth behavior, brain development, social norming, and substance abuse prevention. The latest scientific research speaks to the power of positive example, of engaging influencers to create change in culture, and of course — the power of the natural high. This research shows that when young people find their true passions — those activities that uplift, motivate, and inspire them — and are supported in these choices by family, friends, school, and community, they are more likely to avoid drugs and alcohol. Natural High has dozens of Red Ribbon Week ideas for drug-free week and throughout the year.

Real Results

83% of educators report a change in their students’ perception about drugs and alcohol after going through the Natural High program.
83% of youth participating in the program reported that having a natural high will help fight the temptation to use drugs or alcohol.
33,000 There are 33,000 educators in Natural High’s network across the U.S. and growing.
40+ We’ve recruited over 40 celebrity Storytellers who tell powerful stories of transformation.
80,000 80,000 people have directly pledged to live naturally high.
Millions Millions of lives transformed. Still lots of work to do. That’s why we need your support.


Some suggested questions to ask after you watch the video:

Question #1:

What did you learn about fentanyl?

Question #2:

What would you say to a friend of yours who is planning on trying a substance that might be laced with fentanyl?

Question #3:

What would you say to a friend of yours who offers you a substance they swear is safe?

Question #4:

What could you do to share the film and this message with your circle of friends?