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Our substance abuse education resources are always free and easy to use.
Our program is simple and can be summarized in three basic steps.

  • Step 1 Watch A Natural High Video Watch
  • Step 2 Discuss Together As A Group Discuss
  • Step 3 Go Deeper Through Fun Activities Go Deeper

Here's What Else You Get...


Dive in to our free and compelling content with our playlists designed to introduce kids to the power of the natural high and to provoke valuable and life-changing discussion on the topic of drug and alcohol abuse.


Storyteller Library

We currently have a roster of over 40 storytellers — athletes, artists, musicians, designers — people who kids admire and trust. Our storyteller videos are deeply impactful. When kids see their own heroes making the choice to live naturally high, it directly influences their own choices in life.

Storyteller Library


Our activities are designed to engage students on a deeper level, to get them talking, to bust myths about drug and alcohol abuse and to help them identify protective measures in their lives that can be strengthened and reinforced through the power of positivity.

drug prevention activities

Natural High In Action

Want to see how people are engaging with the natural high program? See how educators, teens, and parents around the country are utilizing Natural High content and activities for drug and alcohol abuse prevention education.

Natural High In Action

Core Curriculum

We know that every minute of teaching time is precious. That is why all of the student activities in the Natural High curriculum are aligned to Common Core State Standards. The activities are built to let students do the heavy lifting, giving them practice with essential literacy and critical thinking skills while learning about living naturally high and avoiding drug and alcohol abuse.

Drug prevention Curriculum

Earn CEUs

Get credit or CEUs while using Natural High content to teach about substance abuse prevention! (Special discount for NH Educators) If you or your colleagues have wanted additional training in how to implement Natural High in your school or classroom, this course is for you. Expand your drug prevention know-how, help protect your students, and get credit for it all at the same time!

Earn CEU


  • 1 What is Natural High?

    Natural High is a drug abuse prevention nonprofit with the mission to inspire and empower youth to find their natural high and develop the skills and courage to live life well. We provide free, research informed curriculum for 4th-12th graders that is aligned to Common Core and National Health Standards. Our online video-based prevention, drug education, and life skills teaching program has over 40+ different Storytellers giving hope, purpose, and encouragement to kids; stories of pushing through hardship, developing resilience, overcoming obstacles, and making good decisions.

  • 2 Why is it important to teach kids about finding a natural high?

    Our name ‘Natural High’ refers to the feeling that comes from finding passions, interests, and talents and cultivating those activities in life that truly inspire us. Research shows that if young people discover their passions, and are directly engaged in a compelling way by people they look up to and trust, they are more likely to make positive life choices and much less likely to choose drugs and alcohol

  • 3 How do I use Natural High?

    Our program is simple and can be summarized in 3 basic steps: 1. Watch a Natural High video 2. Discuss together as a group 3. Go deeper: Use one of our drug education worksheets. If you want to learn more about how to use our program, visit this page.

    You can watch a 4-minute video here reviewing the Natural High program and how to use it for educators, mentors, and parents/caregivers.

  • 4 How does this relate to my students?

    All tweens and teens are uniquely susceptible to addiction compared to adults, and the potential damage to their development and health is real. Did you know that 9 out of 10 addictions began in the teen years? It’s why we’re relentless in giving kids the opportunity to learn about themselves and to be inspired by examples of positive cultural influencers pursuing their natural highs.

  • 5 Where do I find your drug education worksheets?

    We have an entire library of drug education worksheets and activities. Each Storyteller video has specific activities tied to the story that naturally follow the discussion. They are designed to be interactive and go deeper into concepts shown by the Storytellers in the videos.

  • 6 What kind of activities do you have?

    Our flexible curriculum offers videos, discussion questions, and drug education worksheets.
    It can be used to meet a variety of needs, from brief 10-15-minute discussions to project-based work that takes place across multiple days or class periods. Additionally, we provide resources for parents and educators via our website and our Natural High Essentials emails and blogs.