Activities Library

Activity Estimated time Link to Video(s) Link to Activity PDF
Natural High Principle 1: Pursue Your Natural High
Busting Myths 120–180 minutes
IQ and Pledge 40–60 mins
Research Your NH 40–60 mins
Documenting Your NH 40–120 mins
Expressing Your Natural High 40–120 mins
Draw Your Natural High 15-30 minutes
Natural High Principle 2: Embrace Positive Peer Influence
PSA 120–200 mins
Advice Blog 60–90 minutes
Step Up To Be A Leader 60 mins
Brown Bag Challenge 30–45 mins
Using Models To Understand Consequences 40-60 min
Natural High Principle 4: Believe In Yourself
Secret to Success Reflection 40–60 mins
Growth and Fixed Mindset 60 mins
Finding the Words and Sharing Them 60–90 mins
Reacting in the Moment 40–60 mins