How it Works

Research has shown that youth behavior change can be
dramatically influenced by the right messaging.

Natural High offers easy, effective, and fun ways for a community of
educators, mentors, and parents to deliver protective measures in a relevant
way for today through storytelling.

Our Substance Abuse Education Resources Are Always Free And Easy To Use.
Our Program is simple and can be summarized in three basic steps
  • Step 1 Watch A Natural High Video Watch
  • Step 2 Discuss Together As A Group Discuss
  • Step 3 Go Deeper Through Fun Activities Go Deeper

Ready To Get Started?

Choose a Storyteller


Storytelling is powerful. And effective. Our 4-6 minute videos are dynamic, high-quality, and personal stories that deliver life-changing messages to students. Research has shown that youth behavior change can be dramatically influenced by the right messaging. Before getting started, you can also watch a 4-minute video here reviewing the Natural High program and how to use it for educators, mentors, and parents/caregivers.

  • Many teachers and parents start with our Playlists, where we select a series of Storytellers for you to follow.
  • Individual stories can be used as well, targeting your audience with Storytellers that they can relate to. We have over 40 Storytellers and each is packaged to be used as a standalone or in a series.
  • We recommend teachers and parents ask their child or students to pick a Storyteller from the list.
  • You can share the videos every day for a week campaign, or spread them out over the year. With over 40 Storytellers, they can be used weekly throughout the entire year in Advisory or Homeroom. For parents, we recommend having a low-pressure Sunday night watch and discuss after dinner. Even if it’s sort of awkward, it’s valuable time for life lessons to go deep.
  • It’s easy- just hit “play”. (4-7 minutes)


This is where the ‘good stuff’ happens. After watching a video we make it easy for you to facilitate a thoughtful conversation with our discussion guides. We give you what you need to ask meaningful questions and draw all students or children into a dialogue about the story they just watched. You can also make up your own questions, of course.

  • Discussions can last a whole period or pre-dinner session and help drive the lessons home. (20 minutes plus)

Go Deeper

We’ve designed interactive ways to go deeper into concepts shown by the storytellers in the videos. Each story has specific activities tied to the story that naturally follow the discussion. We also have a whole library of activities that can be used after any storyteller video.

  • Common Core Aligned All activities are aligned to Common Core Standards and The National Health Education Standards and are written directly to a student audience.
  • Designed to be homework. (40-60 min)
  • Some parents skip this step or pick and choose Activities.

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