Frequently Asked Questions


  • 1 Why is Natural High’s program important for youth?

    We know that kids today are experiencing more stress than ever before, and we also know what the research says - that finding a spark, or a passion, can help to engage kids in healthy coping strategies. They can find the relief they need in a natural high that they may otherwise seek in drugs or alcohol. Our program strives to teach kids they have a choice and we support them in their choice-making skills.

  • 2 What does Natural High’s program consist of, and how do I use it?

    Natural High has three easy steps to implementation: 1. Watch a video. Explore our Storyteller library and featured playlists for educators and parents. We have pre-packaged playlists, or you can pick and choose your own storytellers, questions, and activities if you prefer. 2. Discuss as a class or family using our discussion guides to facilitate a thoughtful conversation. 3. Go deeper with an engaging activity. Each video has specific activities tied to the story that naturally follow the discussion. Our content is all aligned to Common Core and National Health Educator Standards.

    You may watch a 4-minute video here reviewing the program and how to use it for educators, mentors, and parents/caregivers.

  • 3 Is there any cost to use Natural High?

    Natural High is free to all educators, students, and parents. We are a nonprofit and depend on fundraising to keep our content free and available. We welcome contributions of all sizes.

  • 4 What age range is Natural High geared towards?

    Our content is designed for students in grades 4-12. We have specific elementary, middle, and high school-focused playlists. We encourage educators and parents to preview all material before sharing it with students.

  • 5 Drug prevention can be an awkward subject. How do I start the conversation?

    There’s no time like now to start the conversation with your children and/or students. Share your concerns and let your child know that their safety is your primary responsibility. Be ready with some facts to share about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. Be honest and ready for questions. Be ready also for silence. It can be hard for you to have this conversation, and also for kids. It’s human nature to judge, and as much as you can, try to approach the conversation with an open mind. Children pick up on judgment and it can deter conversation. For parents, you may want to use our Prompt a Family Conversation activity to get started.

  • 6 Is Natural High content based on research?

    Our evidence-based program is used in all 50 states and makes use of current scientific findings on youth behavior, brain development, social norming, and substance abuse prevention. The latest scientific research speaks to the power of positive example, of engaging influencers to create change in culture, and of course — the power of the natural high. This research shows that when young people find their true passions — those activities that uplift, motivate, and inspire them — and are supported in these choices by family, friends, school, and community, they are more likely to avoid drugs and alcohol.

  • 7 Does it work?

    Yes - A few years back we conducted a rigorous and broad review of our program, looking at a variety of feedback from thousands of kids and educators across the country. Some of the most striking information we found was that over 80% of kids said that having a natural high would help them fight the temptation to turn to substance abuse, and 84% said that after participating in our program, they intended to make better decisions. Almost 83% of educators said that exposure to Natural High led to a positive change in students’ perception of substance abuse.

  • 8 Who can use Natural High?

    Anyone can use our content, and we would love to know how you’re using it! We’ve worked with teachers, school counselors, youth program leaders, community advocates, parents, and student leaders. Check out how our content is being used in different settings all over the country.

  • 9 Do you have a short video explaining how Natural High works?

    Yes! Watch a 4-minute video here reviewing the Natural High program and how to use it for educators, mentors, and parents/caregivers.


    We have transferred all of our Storyteller videos to our online library. You can watch our videos on our website and on Youtube. If your school's network does not allow YouTube access then we recommend downloading the video directly to your computer. You can download any of our Storyteller videos. We no longer distribute DVDs.

  • 11 Is my donation tax deductible?

    Yes! Per IRS guidelines, your contribution is tax deductible. A 501(c)(3) organization, Natural High's federal tax number is 33-0668362.

  • 12 Do you have Red Ribbon Week resources?

    Yes! Red Ribbon Week is October 23-31, and Natural High creates a new video playlist and Red Ribbon lesson plan for grades 4-12 for the drug prevention week. Check out our Red Ribbon Week resources here.

  • 13 Can I use or share your videos?

    Yes! Our videos can be shared at no cost from our website and our YouTube channel. Check out our Storyteller library with over 40+ inspirational stories from artists, athletes, musicians, and fashion designers.

    If you share on social media, please tag us!
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  • 14 What languages are your videos in?

    All of our videos are recorded in English. All of our videos are in YouTube where you can add subtitles in many languages.

    To turn on subtitles in a language other than English:
    1. Turn on Subtitles/CC in the Settings of the YouTube video you are watching
    2. Select Auto-Translate
    3. Select the language you wish to read the captions in