NIDA Facts Week Special Release For Educators And Parents

Guide Teens Without Them Knowing It — To Make Healthy Choices

How To Help Teens See Clearly And Make Wiser Choices…Even If You Believe They Won’t Listen To You

Research shows that teens always overestimate the percentage of their peers who engage in substance use, and they extrapolate their misperception to assume that substance use is a social norm.

In other words, they falsely assume that ‘everybody’s doing it.’

When their desire to fit in overrides their caution or personal values, they can make life-altering decisions with substances without realizing what they’re doing.

We can intervene and educate them so they’re able to see clearly and make wiser choices.

In our free, 6-part video series, you’ll learn how to:

  • Educate kids about the realities of substance use by understanding the social norms theory
  • Help kids discover their own misperceptions around substance use
  • Teach kids to reflect on their friendships
  • Get kids to be thoughtful and wise about the voices they listen to
  • Grab ideas for kids to create their own Social Norming campaign using their school’s or county’s drug use facts

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