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“I have been an intermediate school counselor for 27 years and I’m especially impressed with your product. I have shown it school wide for the past two years. Keep up the great work!!!”
Beverly, Counselor, California
“I've been a school counselor for 13 years, and this is the first time I have shown a video that captured every student’s attention... It also captured the attention of the teachers, who had planned on getting paperwork done.”
Counselor, River Springs Middle School, Florida
“It is the best anti-drug message I've seen in 10 years of education. The students respond to the real people's testimonials. They can relate to it, which is imperative.”
Educator, North Carolina
“This program is better than any drug use prevention program that I have seen in 32 years of teaching. Thank you!”
Health Teacher, Pennsylvania
“Natural High really is the best anti-drug material I’ve seen in almost 30 years of education.”
Middle School Counselor, Virginia