How To Create An Engaging Summer To Help Kids Thrive Well Into Their Future

An 8-Week Email Series For Parents

The average age of first-time substance use is 13. And, if first-time use is delayed by 12-24 months, the likelihood of developing an addiction drops dramatically.

Teens who experience more boredom turn to substance use more readily.

Sounds like summertime, right?

Each week, for 8 weeks, we’ll send you a new topic with action items you can use to build a better relationship with your kid(s) and protect them from substance abuse. Emails contain thought-provoking and engaging exercises that will help them to build the skills they need for a thriving life.

Here are a few topics we’ll be exploring:

  • Setting boundaries to help kids feel safe and supported – and why that’s important
  • Opportunities to be intentional with family time
  • Facts on addiction to empower kids to make healthy choices
  • Finding healthy coping skills and watching out for signs of mental health struggles
  • Helping kids understand healthy friendships
  • Incorporating thrill-seeking into your summer