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A New Partner To Help Youth Thrive

Published on: June 5, 2022   |   Last updated on:

Sol & Sons Coastal Kidswear, a recently launched online kidswear brand, is one of our new partners in giving young people the tools they need to thrive! Thanks to the generosity of their founder Ryan Ruppert, Sol & Sons is donating a portion of its proceeds to support Natural High. 

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Ryan has his own moving story of recovery, which he shared with us in a recent conversation. Through staying motivated and keeping focused, Ryan has been able to overcome addiction, build a thriving business, and fulfill his dreams.

Check out our conversation below, and make sure to check out Sol & Sons, their great kidswear, and the amazing work that Ryan is doing.

Tell us a little bit about you and your company.

I was Born and raised in Seal Beach CA, and I’m now 40-years-old. I am married to Danni Ruppert, and we have 3 kids together – identical twin boys who will turn 2 in June and a curly haired little girl who just turned 3 (Bodie, Dean, & Lana). 

I have always been an avid ocean lover. I grew up surfing locally and eventually started taking road trips with friends to Baja for surf adventures. I also spent a lot of time on my parents’ boat. We would go to Catalina Island, and it was there that I met my wife, Danni. Catalina is also where I met some special people that became lifelong friends and introduced me to fishing. I fell in love with the island and have great memories of the times I spent there. In my twenties I would surf with my surf friends all fall and winter, and I would fish with my Catalina friends all summer. It was good clean fun for many years.

I have always worked in the maritime industry, and I am now a boat captain  working in the Port of Los Angeles. 

Sol & Sons Coastal Kidswear was an idea that I came up with right after our twins were born. One reason I wanted to start the brand was to have a creative outlet. It’s hard to surf and fish all the time when you have 3 young kids and a full-time job. I saw Sol & Sons as a way we could share the surf and fishing lifestyle with our kids, as well as others. That is why we chose the tagline “Share the Stoke”. 

We are a husband-and-wife team and hope to grow the brand over the years. We currently offer kids graphic tees, hoodies, and boardshorts that speak to the SoCal ocean culture, and we plan to expand into other types of kids apparel soon. 

Why did you choose to support Natural High? What does Natural High’s mission mean to you?

I chose to support Natural high because I have personally struggled with addiction. My addiction took surfing, fishing, and my friends away from me for a number of years. I have friends that have struggled with addiction as well, and a few have died. 

Do you remember first getting exposed to drugs and alcohol when you were young?

I was exposed to alcohol in middle school and hard drugs in high school. Something that started out as fun with friends while we were in high school (drinking a few beers and smoking marijuana) escalated into an influence that robbed us of our innocence, our passion for life, and took years away from us. 

I personally feel that not enough is being done to stop the drug epidemic. Sol & Sons wants to give back to help kids from falling into the same trap I did. 

What keeps you motivated? 

I am motivated by my amazing family. My 3 young kids and my wife make me smile and feel thankful every single day. 

I am also motivated by the thought that the ocean, and all the ocean activities that I grew up having a passion for, will always be there and that my kids will have an opportunity to experience the same passion (should they choose to do so). 

My natural highs are surfing, fishing, and boating.

Check out Sol & Sons Coastal Kidswear. A portion of each purchase will be donated to Natural High to help reach more kids.

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