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Some suggested questions to ask after you watch the video:

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Question #1:

Why did Jon start Natural High?

Question #2:

Jon says, “The high drugs give you is a rip-off. Older kids make it seem so cool and sometimes the media makes it seem so cool. But what I think is way cooler is a natural high.” Give some examples of the media making drugs and alcohol look cool. Do you think drugs and alcohol look cool?

Question #3:

How do Jon’s memories impact his decisions?

Question #4:

How do your memories impact your decisions? What is a specific example of a memory, something that happened in your life, that influences your actions now?

Question #5:

Steven’s daughter talks about her anger toward her father for using drugs. What are you angry about? How do you deal with it?

Question #6:

Why do you think Jon chose to use videos to help convey his message?

Jon Sundt – Natural High Founder

Jon Sundt | 4min 50sec

Jon Sundt shares how the loss of his two brothers sparked the Natural High movement. Steve and Eric, whose promising lives, filled with natural highs like athleticism and a love for the outdoors, were tragically overshadowed by drug addiction. Despite their innate passions and potential, they were not equipped to understand or withstand the consequences of their actions when exposed to drugs. Jon founded Natural High with a clear purpose: to educate and inspire youth, guiding them towards their natural highs and positive life choices.