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Some suggested questions to ask after you watch the video:

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Question #1:

What sticks out to you about Bryce and the way she talks about her life?

Question #2:

Bryce talks about being unique—what are the top two or three unique qualities people seem to notice about you?

Question #3:

What’s something unique about you that you don’t often reveal to others?

Question #4:

Bryce also shares her perspective on mistakes. Often, people don’t have such a positive outlook on mistakes, though. What goes through your mind after you make a mistake?

Question #5:

Who has shaped your perspective on making mistakes the most?

Question #6:

What would you do more of (or less of) if you shared her perspective on mistakes as learning opportunities to grow from rather than something to avoid?

Question #7:

Bryce seems really comfortable with herself and who she is. What do you think it takes for someone to grow into that kind of self-confidence?

Bryce Wettstein – Olympic Skateboarder

Bryce Wettstein | 2 min 55 sec

Bryce Wettstein is a professional skateboarder who recently skated in the Tokyo 2021 Summer Olympics where she placed 6th in Park. She’s an optimist who has a unique way of seeing the world and finds the extraordinary in the ordinary. Bryce challenges the common definition of perfection and believes mistakes are an opportunity to learn and grow. She also loves to surf, play volleyball and write songs on her ukulele.