Schools In Action Case Study: Steele Canyon High School

Published on: July 29, 2019   |   Last updated on:

Raquel Krantz is the Academic Advisor at Steele Canyon High School where she is also the Alcohol, Drugs and Tobacco Coordinator. She is always looking for relevant content to share with the students to help them learn about the consequences of using drugs, alcohol and tobacco, and also to help them make good choices amidst peer pressure.

In an effort to promote community and positive peer pressure, Raquel started Club Rise, a  student club to support students interested in living a healthy lifestyle and also to help spread the word to the broader student community. Along with the 20 students in her club, Raquel finds ways to share the Natural High content to help educate the entire school.

During Red Ribbon Week in 2018, the club included Natural High Storyteller videos on the morning school broadcast, created Public Service Announcements, and hosted a poster contest asking the question, “What’s Your Natural High?”  She shared the Natural High discussion questions with the Physical Education teachers to promote Red Ribbon Week across the campus and through the curriculum. The addition of a DJ on campus for two days during Red Ribbon Week helped to create a fun environment where healthy choices grounded in information are celebrated.

Raquel helps to amplify her message and finds support through Friday Night Live – a California-based non-profit that supports student groups focused on living drug and alcohol free. She enjoys using the Natural High curriculum because it is “proactive” and has a “‘do’ rather than a ‘don’t’ message.”

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