What is Red Ribbon Week?

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When is Red Ribbon Week?

Red Ribbon Week, which is celebrated annually from October 23-31, is the nation’s oldest and largest drug prevention awareness program.

what is red ribbon weekHistory of Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week was started after the death of Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Special Agent Enrique “Kiki” Camarena, who in 1985 was brutally tortured and murdered by drug traffickers he was investigating in Mexico. As a tribute to SA Camarena, high school friend, Henry Lozano, created “Camarena Clubs” and the wearing of a red ribbon to show their opposition to drugs.

In 1988, the National Family Partnership (NFP) coordinated the first National Red Ribbon Week with President and Mrs. Reagan serving as honorary Chairpersons. Since then, the Red Ribbon Campaign has taken on national significance, and NFP continues to coordinate the campaign for families, schools, and communities across the nation each year. Wearing red ribbons during the month of October continues to represent a pledge to live drug-free and honors the sacrifice of all who have lost their lives in the fight against drugs.

Thousands of schools across the country use Red Ribbon Week to engage youth in dialogues about the importance of making positive life choices and avoiding the temptation to use drugs and alcohol. We have curated a set of videos, discussion questions, and activities to help guide teachers and students through these important conversations.

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Celebrate Red Ribbon Week in your community or your kid’s school, and raise awareness of living a drug-free life with Natural High’s Red Ribbon Week lesson plans and video playlist.




  • Strategies To Manage Stress
  • Develop My Support Team
  • Landing Your Trick
  • Drug-Free Pledge to Live Naturally High
  • And More!

Natural High provides positive stories from key influencers that have a powerful part to play in helping young people make the right choices. Natural High shares these stories via short, free videos for educators to use in the classroom during Red Ribbon Week. Parents may also use our Red Ribbon Week Playlist to prompt a family conversation around drug and alcohol use.

Natural High’s FREE Award-Winning Red Ribbon Week lesson plans include a video playlist that has a series of Storyteller videos and an adaptable curriculum with discussion questions and activities to share with 4th-12th grade students

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