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Some suggested questions to ask after you watch the video:

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Question #1

In the video, it's mentioned that drugs can push the natural things that make you happy way down your list. What are some things you love doing now that you’d never want to lose?

Question #2

How can understanding the risks of artificial highs help you and your peers make safer choices and lead to a more fulfilling life?

Question #3

Artificial highs can lead to addiction and isolation. How do you think nurturing natural highs and positive relationships can contribute to your health and happiness?

Choosing Wisely – Navigating the World of Natural and Artificial Highs: Video #3

Choosing Wisely | 2 min 52 sec

The video illustrates the significance of understanding brain development in young people. It encourages teens to make informed choices by understanding the long-term consequences of drugs and alcohol. Drugs rewire the brain’s reward circuitry to replace natural joys with artificial highs. It can lead teens to give up their passions, disconnect from friends and interests, and lose their individuality.