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Some suggested questions to ask after you watch the video:

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Question #1

The video says drugs create an artificial dopamine "superhighway." What does this mean to you?

Question #2

What are some of the long-term consequences/lasting effects of using drugs? How do these consequences affect a person's future?

Question #3

How would you approach peer pressure or situations where drugs are offered to you or your friends? What strategies could you use to make a healthy choice in such situations?

The Dark Side of Highs – Unmasking Artificial Rewards: Video #2

The Dark Side of Highs | 2 min 51 sec

Dive into the risks of artificial highs and their impact on the brain’s reward system. It explains how drugs create a shortcut to the brain’s reward center, an artificial dopamine “superhighway,” and can lead to addiction, ultimately causing a disconnect from healthier natural highs and long-lasting consequences.