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Some suggested questions to ask after you watch the video:

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Question #1:

While Corbin settled on performing, he tried “everything” growing up. What have you explored doing? What would you like to try?

Question #2:

Corbin talks about being bullied as a child. Who could you turn to if you were being bullied?

Question #3:

Corbin decided to make some intentional decisions about who he hung out with and tries to surround himself with people who bring him up. Have you had to make similar decisions about your friends or friend groups? What did you do? Do you think this is something you should be doing now?

Question #4:

Who are the people that bring you up?

Question #5:

Immediate payoffs, according to Corbin, are not ones that usually last, including the feeling you get from drugs. What are some long-term payoffs you’ve enjoyed that took hard work? Describe what you had to do for the payoff. Was it worth it? Why or why not?

Question #6:

Corbin is extremely proud of his work. What are you proud of?

Corbin Bleu – Actor, Dancer & Performer

Corbin Bleu | 5min 27sec

Corbin Bleu discovered at a young age that in order to achieve your dreams, you have to work hard and eliminate harmful distractions like drugs and alcohol. After completing the Corbin Bleu worksheet, encourage students to share how they get high naturally by having them hashtag #LiveNaturallyHigh on their social media accounts.