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Some suggested questions to ask after you watch the video with your son or daughter:

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Question #1:

David describes the feeling of hitting a home run as being on cloud nine. What gives you that feeling?

Question #2:

He also says that baseball is an escape for him. Why do you think having a healthy escape is important? Do you have one? If so, what is it?

Question #3:

David says that he knew he had to be a role model for his brothers. Are there people in your life who look up to you as a role model? Who are they? How does it affect what you say and do?

Question #4:

Choices and decisions have consequences. What is a choice you’ve made that had a consequence you learned from? What did you learn?

Question #5:

David says that you shouldn’t change your values or beliefs to be liked. Have you ever compromised your values in order to maintain a friendship or to portray a particular image?

Question #6:

What does David mean when he talks about not being a chameleon? Have you ever felt like a chameleon in social settings? If so, describe the situation and what it felt like.

David Wright – MLB Third Baseman

David Wright | 4min 51sec

David Wright of the New York Mets shares how his natural high baseball, is a way for him to escape and recharge in life. David also shares how important family is in shaping you and encouraging you toward achieving your goals.