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Some suggested questions to ask after you watch the video:

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Question #1:

How is exercise beneficial physically and emotionally?

Question #2:

What are endorphins and why are they important?

Question #3:

Matt suggests that drugs can mimic anandamide. Why does that matter?

Question #4:

What are the dangers of pursuing a high with a drug?

Question #5:

What is a natural high?

Question #6:

Why does Matt suggest a Natural High is a good thing?

Question #7:

What natural high do you enjoy or would you like to try?

Matt Bellace, Ph.D

Matt Bellace, Ph.D | 3min 16sec

Matt Bellace, psychologist and comedian, talks about the science behind a natural high and how finding a natural high can lead to healthy choices. He provides humor to help us understand this very serious topic. Want to share your natural high with Matt Bellace? Tweet him @mattbellace with #LiveNaturallyHigh. He might tweet back!