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Some suggested questions to ask after you watch the video:

Question #1:

What did you know about the Master Settlement Agreement before this video? What do you know now?

Question #2:

What kinds of comparisons can you draw between vaping and smoking cigarettes?

Question #3:

What about vaping might be appealing to kids and teens?

Question #4:

Matt suggests that vaping offers an immediate physical response which can be perceived as stress relief. What makes it dangerous?

Question #5:

What physical strategies do you use for relieving stress?

Question #6

What do you think Matt means when he suggests you take the attitude of “you’re not experimenting on me?”

Matt Bellace, Ph.D

Matt Bellace, Psychologist and Comedian, talks about the dangers of vaping in a clear and easy-to-understand way. He conveys the seriousness of the consequences and also provides a positive and hopeful approach to choosing not to vape. Want to share your natural high with Matt Bellace? Tweet him @mattbellace with #LiveNaturallyHigh. He might tweet back!

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