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Some suggested questions to ask after you watch the video:

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Question #1:

Pride plays a role in developing confidence. What are you proud of?

Question #2:

Surrounding yourself with people that help “keep a positive outlook in life” has helped Matt H. and Matt T. What kind of outlook is important to you? Who do you surround yourself with? Do you feel the people you surround yourself with help you keep the kind of outlook in life that is important to you?

Question #3:

What do you think being confident in who you are means?

Question #4:

What does Matt T. mean by not “needing validation”? Do you ever feel that you do need validation? When? Why or why not?

Question #5:

Matt H. says that what you do now affects your future. What choices have you made that you have been able to see an effect from already?

Activity List

Matt Hoopes & Matt Thiessen – Members of Relient K

Matt Hoopes & Matt Thiessen | 3min 10sec

Matt Thiessen and Matt Hoopes of the Grammy-nominated rock band Relient K want others to know that surrounding yourself with positive people and making good decisions will lead to success. After completing the Relient K worksheet, encourage students to share their natural highs by having them hashtag #LiveNaturallyHigh on their social media accounts.