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Some suggested questions to ask after you watch the video:

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Question #1:

Toby talks about peer pressure and how he realized that a real friend is someone who respects you for who you are. What is a real friend to you?

Question #2:

Who are your real friends and what do they respect about you?

Question #3:

Toby has easy access to drugs and alcohol, but resists. Do you have easy access? How do you resist? Do you need help with what to say or how to act?

Question #4:

Toby talks about stereotypes of all musicians. Do you find people stereotype you? Are the stereotypes accurate? Do they bother you? If so, why?

Question #5:

Kids tend to look toward role models. Adam says he had his parents. Who do you look to?

Toby Morse – Lead Singer of H20

Toby Morse | 3min 59sec

Toby Morse of hardcore punk band H2O goes against the grain in an industry riddled with drug use, and fights for his choice to say yes to life. After completing the Toby Morse worksheet, encourage students to share their natural highs by having them hashtag #LiveNaturallyHigh on their social media accounts.