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Some suggested questions to ask after you watch the video:

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Question #1:

Erik says that art is a verb? What do you think he means by that? What is your action word? Why?

Question #2:

Erik talks about a point in his life where he had to pick up the pieces. Have you ever had a time like that? What happened and how did you handle it?

Question #3:

There is a myth that drugs or alcohol can help you be more creative. What makes it a myth? What helps you create? Why? How?

Question #4:

Watching other artists create helps Erik with his own development as an artist. Who do you watch or could you watch to be inspired in what you love to do? Why?

Question #5:

Why do you think Erik chose the title, Unthink, for his book? What does that word evoke in you?

Erik Wahl – Artist, Motivational Speaker & Author

Erik Wahl | 5min 11sec

World-renowned artist, motivational speaker, TED presenter, and bestselling author Erik Wahl believes there is a creative genius deep inside every one of us. After completing the Erik Wahl worksheet, encourage students to share their natural highs by having them hashtag #LiveNaturallyHigh on their social media accounts.