Follow The Steps


Some suggested questions to ask after you watch the video:

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Question #1:

What are the activities that give you joy?

Question #2:

What does it feel like when you do these activities, or how would you describe the feeling to someone else?

Question #3:

Peer pressure is real. To what degree might you be tempted to find acceptance in your peer’s opinions of you rather than stay true to a healthy lifestyle?

Question #4:

What are some possible reasons you would give for why you would say no to friends asking you to experiment with drugs and alcohol?
a. Try to think of at least three.
b. How do you think your friends would respond to your reasons for saying no?

Kai Lenny – Pro Surfer

Kai Lenny | 59 sec

Kai Lenny, a big wave surfer, talks about surfing being his natural high and why he said no to drugs. Surfer of Jaws, Nazare, and Mavericks, Kai says that deciding to use drugs would have prevented him from achieving all he has so far.

Born and raised on the island of Maui, Kai is a product of his environment. From the biggest waves in the world to the smallest swells and the strongest winds, for Kai it’s all about staying in the water and having fun no matter what the conditions are. He’s an 8X stand up paddleboard (SUP) World Champion with a passion for competition and innovation on the water.

Extremely focused, Kai found a set of activities that made him come alive. Protective of his passions, he sees the ever-present invitation to consume substances like drugs and alcohol as a threat to his genuine joy. Aware of the life-altering damage that harmful substances can have on a person’s life and trajectory, he made conscious choices to say no — even to friends who were giving him pressure.