Follow The Steps


Some suggested questions to ask after you watch the video:

Question #1:

Ron is excited to share about his family. Who can you depend on?

Question #2:

Music makes Ron happy, and even though some days he feels exhausted by it, it brings him joy and satisfaction. What exhausts you and also brings you joy? Why?

Question #3:

It’s easy to believe what other people think about you, but Ron tells us to trust in who we are. Who are you? When has someone made you doubt that? How can you believe in your authentic self?

Question #4:

Ron talks about choices - and sometimes you might have to make a hard one. When have you made a choice you’re proud of? What makes it a choice you are proud of?

Ron Artis II – Singer/Songwriter

Ron Artis | 3min 08sec

Ron Artis II, is a singer-songwriter that developed his love of music with his family. Ron talks about leaning on others for support and knowing your authentic self. He shares about the challenge and importance of making healthy decisions.