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Having survived a shark attack that left her without an arm, Bethany Hamilton’s passion for life and surfing stayed strong, leading her to victories in her field. After completing the Bethany Hamilton worksheet, encourage students to share their natural highs by having them hashtag #LiveNaturallyHigh on their social media accounts.


Some suggested questions to ask after you watch the video:

Question #1:

Bethany says that staying drug-free was not a hard choice for her. Is it a hard choice for you? Why or why not?

Question #2:

Bethany lost her arm to a shark attack, which changed her life forever. She discusses how everyone has problems, including school, family and other issues. What are some of your small challenges? How about some of your larger ones?

Question #3:

Having a natural high helped Bethany stay focused during a difficult time. Do you have a Natural High, a relationship, or a responsibility that helps you to remain focused? What is it, and describe a time it helped you to keep your focus?

Question #4:

Have you ever been disappointed or dissatisfied by your natural high? How can you use Bethany’s story to encourage you to overcome challenges when your natural high seems to disappoint you?

Question #5:

Describe a small or large challenge you faced recently and how you dealt with it. What are you proud of in your response and what would you change?


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  • Travis Pastrana – Pro Motocross Champion

  • Anna Rawson – Pro Golfer & Model

  • Jason Heyward – MLB Right Fielder

  • Chelsie Hightower – Professional Dancer

  • Tony Hawk

  • Lee Coulter- Singer Songwriter

  • Matt Bellace, Ph.D (about Vaping)

  • Wuv Bernardo & Sonny Sandoval – Members of P.O.D.

  • Cassadee Pope – Singer/Song Writer

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